Advanced 3D Animation: Emotion


Name: Joshua

Emotion: Dread, Lament.

Age: 32

Weakness: He was too much concentrate on one thing. He tried to fulfill his dream as soon as possible, so even though his mother entered a hospital, he did not go to meet her.

Need: Joshua needs to earn enough money to live happily with his mother.

Desire: Make enough money to live richly with his mother.

Values: Money, Rich life.

Story: Joshua worked in his office very hard to earn money. Because his family was poor, when his father took serious ill, they did not have enough money to go to see the doctor. His father died because they did not have money. Joshua decided to work hard and earn enough money to live richly with his mother. After a while, his mother took serious ill, too. Because he had earned some money already, he could have her hospitalized. However, to cure his mother’s illness, he needed much more money. Therefore, he worked hard day and night. He contacted to her, but because he was very busy, he could not visit her as much as either would have liked. He worked hard at night and as usual, he got a call. This time it was from the hospital staff, not his mother. The doctor told him of the death of his mother. His mind went blank, and he lamented that he could not return the favor of loving care to his mother.


About Yoko

I'm Yoko. I'm an international student from Japan. I love Japanese animation♡
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