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On January 24, I attended a gallery exposition called “Paintings by Ivy Stevens-Gupta,” at Hinkle Library Gallery. All collections in the gallery were acrylic paintings. They were painted by Ivy Stevens-Gupta, who is an award-winning contemporary artist and color theorist living in Ithaca, NY. She currently teaches color theory and painting and works as a freelance marketing consultant. The characteristic of her artwork is her use of vivid color. Out of all of her works, I especially felt interested in two works.

The first work is Pattern Play (2016). Because this art consisted of 2” *2” small paintings, this art seems to be a patchwork quilt at a glance. As I got closer to this art, I could understand that all of the small pieces were beautiful and detailed paintings. The total number of small paintings is 324, but surprisingly, none of these paintings has the same design. I think it is interesting that even though this art is the aggregate of small, detailed paintings, this painting reflects harmony. On each small painting, various interesting shapes and lines are painted, so this artwork attracts and makes people to view the art more closely.

The second work is Glacier (2016). At first, I watched this painting without seeing its title. Even though I did not see the title at that time, I felt a cold chill and silent atmosphere from this painting. Her use of blue and white color makes this painting lively. Each color mixed mildly and made this picture beautiful. This picture is not so big, but it expresses the glacier dynamic. Her detailed and delicate technique of painting also expresses the fantastic world effectively.

The arrangement of colors is very important in web design. It is no exaggeration to say that the impression of a website depends on its color. All subjects have a suitable color. Therefore, understanding about color connects to making web design better. I noticed the role of color in design from Stevens-Gupta’s artwork.


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