Gallery Write Up

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Christina West. the boys, 2006. Earthenware, paint.                          Akio Takamori. Head Teapot, 1991. Porcelain, glazed.


On December 7, 2016, I attended a gallery called “Core Sample, Selections from the Permanent Collection” at Alfred Ceramic Art Museum. The collections are created by ceramic artists who have graduated from Alfred University or ceramic artists who visited Alfred University and donated their works. There were many interesting works. Two pieces interested me.

The first piece is the boys created by Christina West (2006). This is the statue of two men. One put a bandage over another’s eyes who kneels down onto the floor. Both of them are naked. The distance of them created an interesting negative space which brings unity in the piece. When I looked this work, it made me wonder what the theme could be because the title of this work just says the boys. I got the image that they are doing a rite of passage. The facial expression of both of them is very serious. Especially the face of the man who is kneeling down. Because this work looks real, it is more effective to tell a serious story.

The second piece is Head Teapot created by Akio Takamori (1991). As the title says, this is a teapot which has heads on it. This art consists of round shapes and paints. The use of color is united, so it is entirely harmonized. At first, the little doll on the lid and some face objects caught my attention. When I looked at the title, Head Teapot, and looked the work again, I realized that there was one more big head. The teapot itself is one big head motif. At the moment, I finally understood the title, Head Teapot, completely. I thought this was funny, and I also want to take this funny surprise on my works.


About Yoko

I'm Yoko. I'm an international student from Japan. I love Japanese animation♡
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