Gallery Wight up

All artworks are displayed at the Harder Hall, Alfred University, 2016.

Figurative sculpture

Uncle Svend’s Duck, Ceramic, 2016.

This is a figurative sculpture of a duck. Even though this sculpture doesn’t have realistic, we can understand this is a duck. This sculpture get the characteristics of the duck very well.


Primarily point, line and plane

Crosshatch, Porcelain and thread, Danielle Furia, 2016.

This artwork is created with many pieces. Each pieces are created by lines, and these pieces take a role of points. Then, each pieces gather and consist one plain.


Primarily rhythm and balance

Lavender, Butterscotch and Coral Squiggle, Stoneware, Victoria Ryan, 2016.

The surface design of these vases looks like pleats of shirts. These pleats create an interesting rhythm and make a perfect unity and balance.


Primarily volume

Disfigured Esteem, Ceramic, Caroline Zimmerli, 2016.

This sculpture is consisted with many look like branches. The amount of branches and their dark brown color create a volume on this artwork.


Primarily scale change

A Moment of Happiness, Ceramic, Kara Pierce, 2016.

This artwork put the longest flowers in the middle and the shortest flowers on the floor. It seems a flower monument for me. Each flower’s scale change create this sculpture more interesting.


Modular design

Our Constructs, Clay and Ceramic, Erin Blackwell, 2016.

For this artwork, only circle objects are used. This modular design create an unity in all. The scale change and its calm colors remind me Japanese modern art.



Basket Case(Multiple Straps), Stoneware and slip, Jordan Carlson, 2016.

It looks like both a basket case and a pitcher. To add some straps over the container, there are some interesting negative spaces created in this artwork.



Flossing in Fish Nets, Stoneware, Floss, Plywood, Nichrome Wire, and Paint, Rice Evans, 2016.

If I get closer to the wood box on the wall, I can see this is a bathroom, and the white net comes out from the box expresses water from the bathroom. This net shows beautiful movement of water.


Primarily color

Outbreak, Ceramic and terra sigillata, Danielle Furia, 2016.

For this artwork, various of colors are used. Even though each block’s color is almost different, this artwork has a comfortable unity.


Primarily texture

Studio Portrait, Ceramic, Kendra Newell, 2016.

This artwork is created with ceramic. As the title said, little artworks in this picture are displayed in the same studio.



Mist, Ceramic and Terra sigillata, Danielle Furia, 2016.

This artwork is created with same shapes. These small circle shape gathered and created a big pattern.


Primarily mixed media

Erin Blackwell, Wooden scraps, clay, and ceramic coils, 2016.

Wooden scraps, clay and ceramic are used to create this artwork. It is interesting that Blackwell used not only one kind of tree, but various kinds of woods for this artwork.


Primarily conceptual

Ceramic or Terra cotta materials

Even though I couldn’t find the creator’s name and the artwork’s name, I felt that the creator should have a strong concept sort this artwork.


Time and Motion

Fertile, Print Collage, Mary Gasper, 2016.

This collage seems to be pomegranates for me. I could feel the growth and movement of pomegranates from these shadings and composition.



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I'm Yoko. I'm an international student from Japan. I love Japanese animation♡
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