Canon Project : Final





*Final version



Giulio was the second of three male triplets in Spain. His father was Spanish and his mother was Italian. Although they were poor, they lived happily. However, his parents overworked and died of an epidemic when he was thirteen. After the parents’ deaths, his distant relatives, the Roccos, took charge of him and his brothers in Italy. As the Roccos were the only relatives, they had no choice but to take charge of them. The Roccos were rich and already had a son, so they were always very hard on the poor brothers. The brothers spent about two years with them.

Mr. Rocco worked illegally through the black market. He laid in a large amount of new drugs and sold them to people. Don Orsini, who was a boss of a famous mafia, Orsini family, warned Mr. Rocco because citizens who lived in his family’s turf became addicted to the drugs seriously. However, Mr. Rocco ignored his warning and kept selling them, so some citizens died. Therefore, Orsini family killed the Roccos. Don Orsini didn’t kill children, so the brothers and Rocco’s son, Gino, were left. Don Orsini tried to take charge of all, but Gino refused that and joined other mafia families which turned against Orsini family. When he was in twenty-one, he and his brothers decided to be a formal member of the Orsini family. He is now working as a soldier of the Orsini family.


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I'm Yoko. I'm an international student from Japan. I love Japanese animation♡
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