Project 1 : Modular Design


IMG_5993          IMG_5995          IMG_5994.JPG

Name: Komainu (guardian dog)

Home base: traditional Japanese House

Powers/ Abilities: good luck charm (warding off evil)

Wants: faith from people

Fears: lost people’s belief (no one worships him)

Partners: all people who have faith in him

Enemies: evil which hurts people

Story: he existed when human beings were born. He protects people who have faith in him from evil. His power is dependent on how much people believe in him. He’s from Japan, but he protects people who want to be helped by him.


My robot is modular art. It’s created with only one shape of origami, standardized units. The robot forms a larger and more complex composition by being combined by pieces of origami.

I designed a dog robot, and created it with 62 pieces of one shape of origami. To make each piece more stable, I used tape, but I made the robot by sliding the wing into the pocket of each piece.

I used only one shape of origami to create the robot, except its eyes, so the shape is well balanced. I organized the patterns of the papers in order to create regularity.

By changing the number of papers the robot,I controlled the volume of the dog.I folded each pieces very neatly, so I could get beautiful shapes and perfect proportion.


About Yoko

I'm Yoko. I'm an international student from Japan. I love Japanese animation♡
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