Journal #1

1.What I decided to put in my journal

I changed mu plan a little. I’ll draw some sketches of muscles to learn body structure. I cannot draw people’s bodies well. If I draw them without any models, my drawings will be strange. Therefore, it is good to learn how the muscles work under the skin. When I understand the human body’s structure, I will be able to draw the human body well.


2. My blind contour drawing turned into a wire form with soft pliable aluminum wire.

The model of this drawing is Gregory. I made the wire form with Sculpting & Aluminum Wire(32FT).

IMG_5929       IMG_5930

3. Understanding Comics

I’ve never read such an interesting book about comics. The interest of comics should be created from its expression. However, if we try to discuss comics, it tends to be the plot of the comic, or the introduction of characters. It’s hard to reach to the comic itself.

What is the principle of comics? For children who read comics, reading comics is as natural as speaking. However, it’s said that it’s hard for some people to read comics if they didn’t read comics when they were a child. We don’t know how to explain how to read comics smoothly to them. Therefore, it’s hard to analyze the objective.

However, in this book, the principle of comics is explained very well. I just read chapters 1 &2, but I learned many things about comics. I learned the history of comics and the importance of icons in comics. From ancient times, there were many artworks that looked like comics. Actually, they are not comics, but the author tried to make relationships with the ancient arts and comics. I think the author’s point of view is very funny. He also analyzed icons in comics. The idea that the icon tried to represent is not actually the object and makes me very confused, for example, The Treachery of Images, a painting by Magritte. It’s a very difficult way of thinking, but it’s also interesting.

4.Drawing a caricature of myself

IMG_5928      IMG_5931.JPG


↓This is the final version.

I tried to express the following characteristics with this caricature with this caricature: calm, quiet, shy, sleepy, and talented.




About Yoko

I'm Yoko. I'm an international student from Japan. I love Japanese animation♡
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