Phenakistoscope : Flower Spiral

scope           Phenakistoscope3




For final project, we had a phenakistoscope. I had many ideas about this project, so I chose the most interesting and beautiful one.

I painted them with gradually change. The movement of this animation is a spiral rotation, so this color change will effective to make the movement smoothly.

The movement of this phenakistoscope is very smooth and repeated well. The distance of each objects is equally, so the phenakistoscope seems to be united as all. The mat board is cut neatly.

I learned how the images on the phenakistoscope changes. It is different to flip book animation because the pictures on a phenakistoscope move when the paper rotating. There is no start and no end on the phenakistoscope because it rotates. Therefore, I draw images as the animation continues smoothly.


About Yoko

I'm Yoko. I'm an international student from Japan. I love Japanese animation♡
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