Paper Mask

Paper Mask        IMG_5367

I studied about drawing a little in Japan. Also, I like drawing and painting, so I have drawn many pictures. Therefore, before studying drawing in this class, I knew how to draw well more than others.

However, though I have drawn with pencils, or painted with oils and water colors, I have never used charcoals before. Thus, I did not know how strong do I draw, or how I can adapt charcoals on the paper. Now, I know how to use charcoals well. I know how to use other tools with charcoal, too. For example, when I want to blend the colors, I will use a shammy and  some stumps.

In addition, when I draw something, I always use same sketch books and canvases. Therefore, it is interesting to know the different effect of the paper. For instance, Bristol board is good for drawing with pens and pencils. On the other hand, New sprint is good for drawing with charcoals.

The picture is a paper mask drawing. I wanted use the white paper color of Bristol board, so I drew on Bristol board with charcoals. The motif of my mask is a plague doctor’s mask. I created the mask symmetrically to look the mask beautiful.

The plague doctor’s mask symbolize fear and darkness. Therefore, I put the mask in the middle of paper to emphasis the mask. Then, I fell in the around of it with black to express the fear. Although the mask’s white and the background’s black make good contrast of the color, the artwork has great unity. The constitution of this drawing is well balanced at all.


About Yoko

I'm Yoko. I'm an international student from Japan. I love Japanese animation♡
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