Abstract Animation

In this project, we created a “concept of abstraction.” I can use any materials I’d like, so long as no images are created digitally. My animation must contain at least 120 frames of animation.

I tried to express the ping pong game by using abstraction. I watched a video which was the game of a Chinese player vs a Japanese player. I thought it was interesting to express the movement of the players and their emotions by using the motion, shape, and color changes of circles and triangles. I used red for the Chinese player and blue, which was the contrast color, for the Japanese player. After clashing two circles, they separated into six circles and changed the color into primary colors. Therefore, by using primary colors after clashing, I tried to show how the players’ emotions became unreserved. I cut papers into the same size circles. They did not change their shapes like if I had drawn them, so it is effective to concentrate only on the animation. In addition, I could get smooth motion by using paper in all.

I got the image of base concept from Oskar Fischinger’s An Optical Poem (1938). He used paper and bright colors in his animation. His animation had a strong stable impact because he used clear, simple paper diagrams. Therefore, I could concentrate on the animation deeply. I also wanted to focus on the movement of circles and give a strong impact, so I used his animation as the base concept of mine. On the other hand, the motion of my animation was influenced by Oerd Van Cuijlenborg’s Jazzimation (1999). In his animation, there are modulations. Circles clashed with each other busily or popped up lightly while curved lines waved slowly or squares moved quietly. He controlled the speed of the shapes and created a great impact through his animation. I wanted to emphasize after clashing circles, so I changed the speed before clashing and after clashing like he did.

The strongest motion of my animation is after clashing the two circles. By changing the speed before clashing and after clashing, I emphasized this part. Also, I put some colorful triangles in after clashing to emphasize the movement of circles.


About Yoko

I'm Yoko. I'm an international student from Japan. I love Japanese animation♡
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