Project 3 : Visual Communication

名称未設定 4

                                                                                                              Adobe Photoshop, 4*17 in, 2015

Made a rhythm to put pentagons asymmetry which yield both tension and balance of whole picture. I cropped out the pictures and photos into pentagons. By re-framed them, I bade frames inside of frames. Instead of put margin, I made the art full bleed to make the image seems larger and more active. Colored a few images and bordered the outline of pentagons, I tried to make the contrast between the images and background. Then, I could make the image more interesting.I put the text, “Spatial Transition with Shapes, ” over image, but I did not separate it completely from the image because the text show what these images were. The way of expression between the text and images is different, but what they show for us is same. Therefore, I used transparency in type to just make images fade out against their background.


About Yoko

I'm Yoko. I'm an international student from Japan. I love Japanese animation♡
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