Interactive Design: Final Project

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Advanced 3D Animation: Self Critique

The reel wheel shows two different projects that I worked in this semester: bunny lump and emotion animation.

The first project was to create a model combining the two elements provided in class and set the rig. It was last year when I studied modeling, so it was difficult to remember the steps to create the model. Moreover, creating the rig itself was not so difficult, but setting up the vase environment for the rig was complicated. I reviewed modeling and created the model just as I designed. The rigs also worked well. This time, I created a simple design model, so the rig was also simple. I would like to challenge myself to create more complicate models and try to put the rig on.

The second project was to animate my character challenging from one emotion to another. Compared to last semester, I am used to tracing motions. All previous assignments were just tracing the motion, but this time, I also needed to create the character’s history. Through the animation, I needed to express not only emotional change, but also express the character’s personality, too. Because I know why the character acted like that, it was easier to trace and express the emotion change. I understood that if I know why the character acted in this way, I could trace the action easier and make the character more lively.

When I trace complicated actions of reference, the trace sometimes will be rough. Therefore, I would like to be able to trace complicated parts more carefully. Through this class, I understand that my skills advanced by completing many projects. I’ll transfer to another school next semester, but I will continue to study MAYA and improve my skills.

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Gallery Write Up: Art History 2

IMG_7026      IMG_7032

Hongwei Li. Landscape #2, 2007. Earthenware, raku fired.


Phillip Maberry. Venus on a Half Shell, 1987. Ceramic, glazed.


On April 14, 2017, I attended a gallery exposition called Core Sample: Additional Findings at Alfred Ceramic Art Museum. Core Sample: Additional Findings is the second in a series of exhibitions that explore the permanent collection of the Alfred Ceramic Art Museum. As the titles suggests, the exhibitions are a sample of the artwork that constitutes the fundamental ground on which the museum is built. The exhibitions set forth the overarching structural foundation of the museum’s inventory of ceramic art and works on paper by ceramic artists. There are many interesting works. Two pieces interested me.

The first piece is Landscape #2 created by Hongwei Li (2007). This is the artwork that used modular design. Like a totem pole, this work piled a smaller object on top of a bigger object. Even though the title said Landscape, at first glance, I felt it looked like a totem pole that piled bust statues of vampires because each shape looked like a man, but its sharp ears seemed like a monster, like a vampire. Depending on the point of view, it can be seen as a pile of interesting shapes of woods. For me, however, whichever way I looked at this artwork, it seemed like a totem pole of bust statues of vampires. In other words, it seemed to be artificial work, not a landscape. I could not understand why he named this artwork as Landscape #2. When I looked at this artwork on a diagonal, finally I could understand the meaning of the title. The shadow of this art reflected and looked like shaped piles of rocks. It reminded me of the oddly shaped rocks on Mount Roraima in South Africa. I have never thought that the shadows of art also can be artwork, so this piece really surprised and excited me.

The second piece is Venus on a Half Shell created by Phillip Maberry (1987). This ceramic statue is an homage to the picture, Birth of Venus, painted by Sandro Botticelli in 1486. Birth of Venus was painted in the Early Renaissance. The characteristic of Early Renaissance art is strict logics. The art was drawn by perspective and painted with brilliant colors. On the other hand, the statue created by Maberry seems to reflect the characteristics of cubism and pop art. The various lines drawn on the statue made this art more cubic, and the use of color reminded me of Andy Warhol’s art. I have seen many works of art that are an homage to other artists’ work, and mostly they use similar techniques. However, Maberry created a statue which was an homage to the Early Renaissance picture without Renaissance techniques. His idea of combining other artistic techniques to create new art is very interesting.

This gallery exposition gave me a lot of interesting and new ideas. When I create art, I always stick with stereotyped thinking. For better or for worse, my art is general and stable. A lot of people may think my art is very good; however, that is it. My art is generally beautiful, but it does not have any strong appeal and does not make people consider the art. I thought beautiful and elegant art is good art, so I got interesting ideas from this exposition. I understood that the artwork broke the stereotype of art and gave us fresh surprise and excitement. I will use this new idea for my artwork to make it more interesting and attractive.

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Advanced 3D Animation: Emotion


Name: Joshua

Emotion: Dread, Lament.

Age: 32

Weakness: He was too much concentrate on one thing. He tried to fulfill his dream as soon as possible, so even though his mother entered a hospital, he did not go to meet her.

Need: Joshua needs to earn enough money to live happily with his mother.

Desire: Make enough money to live richly with his mother.

Values: Money, Rich life.

Story: Joshua worked in his office very hard to earn money. Because his family was poor, when his father took serious ill, they did not have enough money to go to see the doctor. His father died because they did not have money. Joshua decided to work hard and earn enough money to live richly with his mother. After a while, his mother took serious ill, too. Because he had earned some money already, he could have her hospitalized. However, to cure his mother’s illness, he needed much more money. Therefore, he worked hard day and night. He contacted to her, but because he was very busy, he could not visit her as much as either would have liked. He worked hard at night and as usual, he got a call. This time it was from the hospital staff, not his mother. The doctor told him of the death of his mother. His mind went blank, and he lamented that he could not return the favor of loving care to his mother.

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Interactive Design: Assignment 4

*Please open this file with Google chrome browser.

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Interactive Design: Assignment 4

*I’ll update this when I finish each exercise.

Javascript Exercises:

1. *Parallax_Ex:


2. *Toggle Display_Ex:

*Toggle Display:

3. *Drawing:

4. *Keyboard Events_Ex:

*Keyboard Events:

5. *Time Events_Ex:

*Time Events:

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Advanced 3D Animation: Rigging

Mochizuki_Yoko_Model.jpg     Mochizuki_Yoko_Model2.jpg


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